Instagram Captions That Create Engagement

Instagram used to be viewed as a photo platform (but now video is where it’s at!) which means there can be a lot of beautiful imagery. Unfortunately, pretty pictures alone won’t create the engagement and connection you need to go and grow! Instead, you need to be creating captions for your audience that will engage them and encourage them to connect further with you!

First, let’s start with the caption formula because once you know the basic structure, writing captions can become much easier.

Also, be sure to read until the end, when I give you the most essential type of caption!

You want to start with a hook, an attention-grabbing subject line or a first sentence — if people don’t like it they won’t stick around to read or even watch the rest

Then you want to start writing the body, and this is where you tell your story — if you are a product-based business, you could sell the lifestyle around it. Make sure you are bringing VALUE to your audience!

Use DETAILS to paint the picture so your audience can visualize the scene beyond the image. Don’t forget to add some personality — we are all here for the personality!

The body can be from 3-to 7 sentences or bullet points — give or take what you are discussing!

And finally — the CTA, or a call to action. This is A way to invite your audience along on your journey, ask them to engage, and point them in a particular direction.

Are you currently writing your captions like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Now let’s get into some of the different captions that will garner more engagement!

I go into more detail on this formula in THIS video you can watch over here

People LOVE a good transformation story. It’s a journey they can follow.

For example, I knew my job in corporate was over the minute I screwed up the most important presentation of my career…

All About “You” Caption

Are You struggling with your business in 2022?

Do you start your day early or late?

The List Caption

People LOVE lists; whenever I do a list caption, it gets a ton of SAVES!

10 Best Places to see fall in NE

20 Tips on How to Shoot in manual mode

5 Out of the Way Lobster Shacks Worth the Drive

My Top 10 Thriller books

The best 5 ingredient muffin your kids will love.

The Introductions Caption

Introduction posts are great to do every once in a while to let your audience get to know you. Especially great for after a giveaway.

Introduction posts can also be used for clients + testimonials and introduce your team members!

The This Or These Caption

Are you making this mistake when shooting in manual mode?

Do these three things every time you photograph a sunset.

Which photo do you like more — 1 or 2?

The “This or That” is a great format when you are trying to gauge new products/color schemes/ etc. — and your audience feels as if they helped you decide!

The How-To Caption

How to write captivating captions…

How to get rapid-fire engagement

How to recreate this 2k Pottery Barn table for under $100

The Contradiction/Disruption Caption

These captions tend to gain more traction if you use something controversial.

Why I still use my iPhone instead of my DSLR

Why you don’t want 100s of 1000s of followers

Why being an influencer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

The Ask A Question Caption

This is the perfect type of caption to get to know your audience or let them in on your story.

Which print should I add to the print shop?

Where should my next New England Destination Be?

Do you work weekends?

The Simple/Fun Answers Caption

Not everything has to be a long format caption and educational — make things fun, short, and sweet as well!

Are you a Type A or Type B?

Just took my enneagram test and I’m mind blown — drop your Enneagram number in the comments below👇🏻

Use an emoji to describe 2022 so far…

***People are much more willing to respond to these because they are fast to type out and usually just downright funny.

The Get Bossy Caption

In these captions you are just telling your audience what to do.

Stop Typing out your IG captions…

Edit like a pro by using this quick + easy app

The Testimonial/Client Story Caption

Incorporating testimonials throughout your captions is a great way to show customers that may be on the fence about why they should purchase. It isn’t just you talking highly of your brand, it’s your own clients!

The Quote Caption

The easiest way to add some inspiration or humor to your feed without all the work! Use a Quote card as the image or use a quote in the caption and discuss what it means to you.

Ok, let’s talk about the most important caption.


You need to make sure that you talk about your products or offers regularly. This doesn’t mean you need to be creating a hard sell, but you want to be able to keep them top of mind.

Caption writing is something that does take practice but it’s worth the effort.



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