Social Media and Happiness

Here is the irony: my photography was not stunning, not yet at least. But I practiced, and over time I learned how to improve it, and I keep getting better. The point is you have to figure out your WHY. Your PURPOSE.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it

Here are two examples of this-

  1. This is what most companies do: I’m Shannon, and I take beautiful landscape photos. They are high-quality fine art prints. Want to buy one?
  2. Here is an example of my “why”: After finding out I had the BRCA mutation, I turned to photography for therapy. I learned how to hone in on the craft of slowing down the world around me. Now I work with a locally-owned print + frame shop to create beautiful fine art images to bring joy to your home while donating 10% of my sales to Camp Sunshine; this organization provides retreats for families of children with life-threatening diseases. Would you like to see my prints?



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