8 Reels Ideas to Grow Your Business on Instagram

It’s 2022. And by now you are probably realizing that short-form video is sweeping social media, and most specifically reels.

But you still can’t wrap your head around trying to figure out how to use reels OR how to make them work for your business.

Well, if you are one of the many business owners struggling, I’m giving you ten reels ideas you can steal for your business.


This is probably the easiest reel to create. You literally hop on the camera and just start talking. This is best used when you are answering frequently asked questions. Instead of using transitions try using jump cuts. This is where you film a small clip, switch locations or angles, and film another quick clip. When you are done with the information pieces you just put them together to create your direct-to-camera reel.

You can see how in this direct-to-camera reel I created!


This type of reel can be any small clip of a behind-the-scenes moment, or you working. You can add text bullet points about some information to introduce you or your business


This is a great reel to use on any trending sound. Show a short inspirational clip or even a clip of you working at your desk. Create text to overlay on top of that reel and give a little story about your why, or how you got started.


People love to see others go on a journey, we love the story in it. You can post a photo of yourself before you started your business vs. now. Or even tell a story of a client and how they transformed their business from your services or products.


For this reel I want you to find a fun audio with a beat, or countdown. On every beat, or count down I want you to point, snap, or clap and add text with a tip.


In this reel I want you to take clips throughout the day of a typical workday for you. Find a fun audio to sync them to and give your audience a peek at what really goes on behind the scenes


This reel is where you can suggest the best books, podcasts, and Instagram accounts you recommend to help someone else start their business. You don’t even have to show your face in this one if you don’t want to.


What are other people in your industry saying that you know is wrong, or that you disagree with?

Be sure to show up on state the wrong idea, and then correct it for your audience.

Making these types of reels for your business is powerful, not only because Instagram pushes reels more so you will gain brand visibility, but also because they create a like, know, and trust factor with your audience.



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