10 Hook Ideas To Get You Started With Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are popular, and they’re only going to keep getting more popular as time goes on. So now is the BEST time to start making reels if you haven’t already. But how do you make your reels stand out from the crowd and get thousands of views? Today, I will share ten ideas for hooks to keep your audience’s attention when they’re watching your reels.

The hook is arguably the most essential part of the reel or caption. It is the first line, and it needs to be scroll-stopping to catch their attention. And ideally, KEEP their attention!

So let’s get into 10 hooks that you can use to hook people in….see what I did there?

✅ The secret to…

{tell your client want they want to know}

✅ “Don’t start your morning without doing this…”

✅ 7 tools/apps/ or software that you use in your business

✅ 3 lessons I learned from…then share your failures to your wins

✅ 6 unexpected behind the scenes moments

✅ How to instantly feel more…

{insert ideas for your clients to feel more confident/productive/etc}

✅ 4 simple steps to: {steps to a process you teach OR ways to use a product}

✅ Watch this if you want: {desired result}

✅ How to: {Share a “how-to” tutorial}

✅3 questions to ask before: {share questions your ideal client would find helpful in figuring out answers to their problem}

There you go! 10 reel ideas that will make your reel content stand out. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below!



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